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Danse Macabre is a terrible book, but so far it's terrible in enough entertaining ways to be actually fun to read. It's a totally different experience from slogging through Twilight.

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Yes, I'm getting back to this. Until my brain starts to turn to jelly again. 

The next couple pages contain a lot of Jessica-bashing. Every line referring to Jessica is Jessica-bashing. This is weirding me out. Bella hates everything and everyone, but she retains a special ire for this girl who went out of her way to make friends with Bella and who has never been anything but nice to her. 

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Content: Self-hatred, lying, authorial misconduct, hatred of teenage girls, romantic fantasy  

Bella informs us that she is out of it from Edward asking her on a date.  I give you one guess as to what the English teacher inevitably says to Bella being late on page 85. I'm not going to bother typing it.  

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We lost my fiancé's copy of Twilight (I think the cats threw it out), so I decided, let's buy all of them while buying the first. Used, of course -- Stephenie Meyer isn't seeing a penny. Which is how much all but one of them cost. So now I can get back to critiquing, since the last one (Twilight, ironically) got here today. Which, appearances to the contrary, I do enjoy, even though it means reading some of the worst excuses for novels ever published.
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So I'm reading a couple Save the Pearls rippages and I'm seeing some commonalities between it and certain other terrible books, namely those of Stephenie Meyer and the Anita Blake novels of Laurell K. Hamilton.  I shall express them in question form.

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Aug. 15th, 2012 12:18 pm
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So Kristen Stewart, the star of Snow White and the Huntsman, will no longer be doing the sequel. It will now just be The Hunstman. Rupert Sanders is, of course, being retained to direct it.

A story centering on a woman is now just centering on a man. A 22-year old woman who cheated on her boyfriend is being punished, and a 41-year old man who cheated on his wife with whom he has children is not being punished, and is probably even being rewarded. Gee what a shock.
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Content: ableism, dominance and submission, patriarchy, rape culture, melodrama

I think part of why I got so upset over this book last time was that I was getting a cold. Hopefully I will be able to distance myself from it a bit more tonight. 

Bella asks Edward ("severely") if he has multiple personality disorder on page 82. I laughed. That does sound like something a teenager, at the end of her rope and ignorant about psychology, would say. 

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Content:  mental illness, destruction of someone's property because he won't be her friend, manipulation, mind games, emotional abuse, smug condescension

When Bella goes to school the next day, she parks on the other side of the parking lot from "the silver Volvo" (81).

I didn't want to put myself in the path of too much temptation and end up owing him a new car

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I've seen a lot of people defend Twilight as just another crappy book, so what excuse do people have for picking it apart? I used to think pretty much the same thing. Obviously there is a lot of sexist criticism of Twilight out there, as in "let's rip on a woman for writing down her sexual fantasies and getting rich from them! Also, let's rip on girls for being stupid for liking a romance novel with a sparkly vampire!" That kind of stuff is at least as bad as the Twilight books themselves.

Other people say we wouldn't criticize the book if it weren't so popular. Which, yeah? What would be the point of criticizing it if it weren't a phenomenon? 

But there is a third defense that I think is not terribly valid: lots of crappy books are popular, so what's the big deal?

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Content: Shockingly sensible decision, creepy father, sexist father, obtuse father, father who thinks his daughter is incompetent, sexism, intelligence linked to size of town, grrr

On page 79, Bella surprised me. I had to read the paragraph about four times to make sure I understood it correctly.

I could leave him alone. I would leave him alone.

Bella has decided to leave Edward alone. Not only that, but she stops brooding about him and moves on to other things.

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Nothing continues to make sense.

When Bella gets home, she starts dinner. Jessica calls, happy that Mike said he'd go to the dance with her after all. Bella suggests "with casual innocence" that Angela should ask Eric and Lauren should ask Tyler (78-9). Jessica decides this is groovy, and plans to tell her friends to do as Bella directs. Thank goodness Bella is here to run the love lives of people she has just met and who have known each other for years at least. It's like Forks literally came into existence the instant Bella set foot in it.

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(I accidentally posted this about half-finished earlier, sorry about that.)

Content: clumsiness (probably intentional), boys with no clue (probably unintentional), smirking jackass(definitely intentional), more male ownership of females (as usual)

Bella goes to Gym. I do not understand why Meyer and her copy editor capitalize high school class names. It's one instance of all the little niggling annoyances in this book. Of course, the book also has major annoyances. Annoyance in every layer, that's Twilight.  

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Content: Manipulation, sexism, depression, sexual attraction, probing

Onward and upward with the "girls' choice" dance, which really means "girls ask boys." Remember, the whole deal with this dance is that girls ask boys. Sexist and horribly named, but that's the deal.

Mike tells Bella that Jessica asked him to the dance. Here's her response:

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Jun. 26th, 2012 12:03 am
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One of my big strong tall male neighbors just walked into the building holding and scritching a tiny kitten -- looks like they just got back from the vet. I love seeing men take care of small life forms.

And of course this turned into me thinking about Twilight. Where are the animals? Besides those being eaten by people. No one has any pets. Now, maybe it's just me, but I enjoy having my good characters interact with animals, showing those characters being gentle and kind toward beings that can't do anything for them. I particularly like when romance heroes are shown doing stuff like this. I understand that everyone doesn't share my tastes, but I think the fact that no one in the Twilight books even has any pets says something really nasty about the books. I can't articulate it yet, but it's one of those things that just bugs me.
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Content: Depression, stalking, male ownership of females, female ownership of males, stuff that doesn't matter to the story at all

I'm going to try to get through more than one page of this book tonight.

Edward ignores Bella the month after the accident. He's back to leaning away from her and his hands are tensely-clenched fists a lot again. (Edward sure does a lot of fisting.) I would like to know how it's possible to ignore your lab partner for an entire month. Or even an entire week. They're your lab partner. You have to do labs with them.

Bella watches Edward a lot, "unable to stop [her]self" (70). Creepy. Also, bullshit. Bella is not under a geas. She doesn't want to stop herself from creeping on Edward, so she pretends she can't.

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Content: Harassment, misogyny, depression, dogs peeing on a tree

Get your barf bags ready. Page 69 starts with something that nauseated me more than anything in this book yet had.

Tyler Crowley (I wonder if she'll ever just call him "Tyler") won't let Bella alone. He follows her everywhere, including between classes, and forces himself on her lunch table. She tries to get him to "forget all about it" (nearly hitting her with his van), but he "remain[s] insistent". It is extremely creepy and scary and icky and gross.

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 I want to make something clear before I go on with Twilight, because this comes up over and over again. People yell about Bella being "stupid" for wanting Edward, since he is deadly dangerous and has to fight down the urge to kill her. The fact that Edward is deadly and has cravings to kill Bella does not bother me, nor do I think she is stupid for wanting to be with him. In fact, if this book were well-written, I would enjoy this relationship dynamic.

Twilight is a romantic fantasy. Many women, self included, like to fantasize about dangerous men. I don't worry that girls are going to read Twilight and think they should seek out men who want to harm them. I'm someone who likes dangerous men in fantasy and I have never been drawn to abusive men in real life. 

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 Edward Cullen's irises are sometimes black. Black irises aren't that uncommon among humans, but they are extremely uncommon among humans with light pink skin. I've never known a white person with black irises. Still, I wouldn't think there was something strange about one white human with them. An entire adopted family of humans who were supposedly not related by blood and yet all had black irises would be another matter.

Edward's eyes change color. Not a big deal, a lot of people's eyes appear to change color, like from blue-gray to green to hazel. However, Edward's eyes change from black to ochre. No one's eyes change from black to ochre. It doesn't happen.

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Content: Gaslighting, angels, car accident, speech tags, creepy dad, ableism, drug overdose

Bella is trying to get Edward to admit he has superpowers.

"You think I lifted a van off you?" His tone questioned my sanity, but it only made me more suspicious. It was like a perfectly delivered line by a skilled actor.
I merely nodded once, jaw tight. (65)

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Overall, I find Stephenie Meyer's writing style (if it can even be called that) more offensive than anything else about her books because I feel like Meyer is actively insulting her readers by writing like this, by not bothering with grammar, coherency, or the most basic research. 
I recognize a lot of stuff in Meyer's writing that's common in first drafts. Lots of sighing and chuckling and speech tags in general, lots of adverbs, lots of passive voice, lots of repetition, lots of unclear references. But most of us care enough to go back and fix that stuff because we realize that writing is work and that we are not perfect. Meyer's sheer arrogance grosses me out. 
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