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As in the Etrian Odyssey Untold class, not the "there can be only one" kind. So, this is the character I start with in story mode, and I'm looking at his (it appears to be a "he") skills and, uh, going by other Etrian Odyssey games... they suck. Expend own HP/expend party's HP/transfer binds to allies -- are you kidding me? I usually don't like HP-spending skills in any rpgs, but in Etrian Odyssey, they are death. And binds are things I go out of my way to inflict on enemies in Etrian Odyssey games because they are so powerful.

Well, this is an Etrian Odyssey game, and they do tend to change up quite a bit with every iteration. I guess I was expecting it to be more like original Etrian Odyssey 1, but it's good that the gameplay seems to differ so much in the remake, since that will make it a whole new game. But I'm still staring at this guy wondering where the heck to put his skill points, imagining him draining my Medic's HP to do damage, which hell no. 

ETA: Okay, I take it back, Highlanders kick ass. Turning tide, battle instinct, bloodlust (which I don't have yet but look forward to)... actually, that brings me to something. The skills for all classes have been changed, which is good. However, I'm level 7 and have not come anywhere near a party wipe once. No one has even died. I'm playing on Expert, the highest level and the one that's supposed to be like the rest of the series. Etrian Odyssey 4 was also much more gentle than the previous games, particularly at the beginning. :(. I don't want all RPGs to be extremely difficult by any means, but that was Etrian Odyssey's claim to fame. EO:Untold is a little tougher than most RPGs, but most RPGs are cakewalks. Hrm. I hope I'll be taking this back around level 15.

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