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Content note: sexism, rape culture 

Vanity Fair has an article about Scientology auditioning Tom Cruise's next wife before he married Katie Holmes. It focuses on Nazanin Boniadi who, when she "failed" by being unable to understand David Miscavige's mumbling, was summarily dumped by Cruise through an intermediary. (Boniadi isn't just gorgeous, she also works for human rights with Amnesty International.) Boniadi was then punished by the Church of Scientology with three months' hard labor.

This post is actually not about Scientology or Cruise or even Nazanin Boniad, though I'm developing a girl crush on her. It's about a comment I saw that claimed Cruise's behavior looked like that of a "high school boy".

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 So I've been watching the goings-on of Scientology and their opposition for a while now. It's enjoyable because it's heartening. Here is an evil organization headed by an evil person that is failing, largely because of people speaking out against it. It's nice to watch a problem that is solvable, rather than deal with the seemingly-insurmountable, and more widely dangerous, problems in society. Like the Catholic church inserting itself into my ovaries, misogyny in every part of society, right-wingers being despicable, lack of universal health care in the U.S., etc.

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In my Scientology-watching, I've seen a lot of people accuse Scientologists of being "insane". (And stupid and gullible and etc..)

There are two problems with this that I can see. The first is the ableist language. "Insane" should not be a pejorative leveled at individual people. Personally, I'm fine with using it to insult certain specific ways of thinking and social structures, but many people aren't. And many of those people are hurt when they see others use it that way. David Miscavige isn't hurt by it. L. Ron Hubbard's too dead to be hurt by anything. 

The second danger is more insidious, imo. Read more... )
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