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Birthdate:Oct 14
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Lliira is the Chaotic Good Faerunian goddess of joy, happiness, freedom and liberty in Dungeons and Dragons.

I used to think of myself as "Lawful Good", as much as any messy human being can have an actual D&D alignment. They say as you grow older, you get more conservative. I've found the opposite is true for me. In history, the "left-wing" radical types always win eventually, even if they have a highish death rate. We feel like we're losing, but in a shorter time than anyone imagines, what we want will be the way the world is. And it will be time for the new radicals to fight their fights, which they will also win.

I'm "clio_1" on Livejournal, though I don't use that account any more. I've been known as "neriana" on various gaming websites for a very long time. Dreamwidth is the first place I've been able to grab an alias I'm totally happy with.
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