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If you want to talk to me about something that's not discussed in one of my posts, make a comment here and I'll probably create a new post for it.

This post was written January 14, 2012. I've post-dated it to 2032 to keep it on top.
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I've been having scrambled eggs with cheese for breakfast for a while. That's great, but I felt the need for something more, so I also ate strawberries and heavy cream (no sugar, why would you need to add sugar to strawberries anyway) today. I have been in a great mood all day. It's very fast to make and also quite filling, which makes it cheaper than it looks. This is going to be my breakfast from now on.

In other news, we're moving on the 13th. Same apartment complex but a way bigger apartment, because my father's not doing well so he's moving in with us. Should be... interesting. He completely understands that there will be no alcohol around (we're no longer going to even cook with it), and in fact that's one reason he's been encouraged by all his good friends (as in, not the ones who just use him) and his brother to do this. It is not going to be easy -- my dad doesn't have a lot of stuff except books, and doesn't need a lot of space, but his personality could fill worlds. For both good and bad. But I'm 40; in middle age, taking care of one's parents starts making sense. Having had to take care of them when I was 14, otoh... actually I'm no longer really resentful about that either. Life's too short.
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What's it like to have competent parents you haven't had to take care of your whole life? Just wondering.
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Currently grouchy over the fact that the easiest way to succeed is to take other people's interesting ideas, dilute them until they're mediocre at best, and present them as one's own.
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Irma was no big deal here. We lost power for a day, but that's the extent of it. The rest of Florida got slammed, though. Lots of flooding.

For some reason, the governor's people are refusing to tell the media how many emergency crews they're sending out. I can't imagine why that would be treated as private information. Our governor is horrible, but I didn't think he was horribly corrupt, so I don't get what's going on there.
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Stocking up for a storm when you can't eat high fiber food is a major pain in the ass. Basically peanut butter and jerky, and that's about it. Canned tuna I guess, but I find canned tuna without mayo pretty blech. Potato chips.

The area I live in has only been seriously effected by a hurricane once since I've lived here, and that was the year we got four hurricanes right after each other. Irma's looking worse. Way. Way. WAY worse. Puerto Rico and other Caribbean islands are gonna get seriously slammed, and they don't have the resources Florida does.

I'm not worried about our safety here, as the likelihood of the Tampa area getting hit by Irma like Houston was by Harvey is pretty low. But this is not going to be pleasant. I'm looking to the experts, and Floridians who've lived here for decades usually scoff at the panic over our hurricanes. Not this time.
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So Alice Walker is a big David Icke fan. She compares him to Malcolm X.

The link is years old. But it's probably the best example I've ever seen of the fact that being even a great writer of fiction does not make someone qualified to do political analysis. At all. AT ALL. Yet we keep demanding not only writers, but also actors and pop artists, get deeply involved in politics. Then listening to them, then getting angry when they don't live up to whatever standards we have for them this millisecond, and so on. (When I say "we" I do mean "we" -- I've been pretty damn guilty of this myself.)

It's kind of like asking a cat to tapdance. It's possible a particularly skilled cat could tapdance. I'm not discounting the possibility entirely. But it's pretty awful to be mean to a cat because they can't tapdance.
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Not having anxiety is weird.

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So turns out yet another guy who loudly, publicly self-pleasures over his own "feminism" treats the women in his life like shit.

This is my totally shocked face.

If a man's a feminist, he's probably fine. Most men are, after all. My husband's a feminist. But if a man is LOUD about his feminism? If he transparently thinks he's a better man than all other men because he's a feminist? No. Get away. Better to date a guy with a boob inspector ballcap who makes "get me a sandwich, woman!" jokes.

I especially love how he blames the patriarchy for his actions instead of himself. Outside of Hollywood and certain gross internet corners, cheating on your wife, particularly multiple times with much younger women over whom you have power, is seen as completely disgusting.
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Remember that post yesterday about how I ate as much salt and chocolate as I pleased right before and at the beginning of my period and it was going well, but I would need time to see if it kept going well?

My period's heavy today, as it normally is the second day. And I have no cramps. My cramps used to be worse than those of anyone else I've ever known. This has never happened before in my life. Could be the salt/chocolate combo. Could be that I no longer have anxiety. Could be that same dairy fat that killed my anxiety dead -- plenty of Greek yogurt and whole milk. Maybe it's the egg a day. Or a combination.

Maybe just maybe the vast majority of us have bodies that know what they're doing. I wish I'd listened more to mine and not food writers at The Guardian or wherethefuckever who parrot whatever propaganda's the in thing my whole life. I knew a lot of what they said was bunk, I never dieted or anything, and yet I still believed them about some things. Never again.

Eat food. Stuff you like. As much as you want.


Aug. 12th, 2017 10:38 am
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So turns out it's not bad for us. (I've read more, and more recent, studies that back up what that Scientific American article says, but it's the most concise article I've found on it.) In fact, getting as little as some organizations recommend is probably very bad for most of us. Americans should be getting what we on average are.

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Some links

Aug. 8th, 2017 10:32 am
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First, Nancy Werlin is making a comic about her relationship with a sociopath. It's extremely creepy and funny and I recommend it.

Second, The Katering Show. Fucking hilarious. My favorite episode is probably either the wedding one, the Christmas one or the one where they (pretend to) stop eating sugar. But watching them in order from the beginning makes them even funnier.

Third, here's my Sims tumblr. I didn't link it before because I was afraid of the two internet names being connected but now that I don't have anxiety any longer, fuck it. I've got some ramblings on there, and eesh avoid the "politics" tag I had a meltdown over the election (everyone else in the community was having one too so I fit right in), but the main stuff is in the "sims 2 widespot" tag, starting here. Widespot is the awesomest of Sim neighborhoods, created by author and dedicated Simmer Peni Griffin, and if you play Sims 2 you should play it.
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Full fat plain Greek yogurt + honey + cocoa + vanilla + a smidge of salt = SO GOOD. Basically chocolate mousse in a minute. I added peppermint extract tonight. A little too much, as is easy to do with peppermint extract, but whatever it was still great.

I'm going to be talking about food a lot probably. Sorry, but being as cheerful as I was as a child solely from eating full-fat dairy has me, well, giddy. And somewhat obsessive.

Food stuffs

Aug. 2nd, 2017 12:40 pm
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My hypoglycemia or whatever it was is gone. Snuffed out. Not pining for the Fjords.

I've had temper problems my whole life when I got hungry and couldn't immediately eat. Now that I'm getting a lot more saturated fat, a bit more protein, a bit less carbohydrate, way less wheat, and more salt (within the "average American" range) -- I'm fine. I can be hungry for quite some time and just feel hungry, nothing more. No headache, no feeling out of control. I'm able to deal with crap much better generally. I had some computer problems a few days ago and was annoyed but very manageably so.

I'm also no longer Godzilla when I wake up in the morning. Nor does it take me a long time to drag myself out of bed. I wake up, I lie there for maybe 10 minutes, I get up. I'm a bit out of it but fine. I'll never be a morning person, but mornings are no longer a horrible ordeal for me and everyone foolish enough to interact with me.

I'm no longer cold all the time. When I last had this much energy, I was a teenager. I'm craving vegetables. Also my sweet tooth is diminished -- though if that ever disappears entirely, I'll start thinking I've been body-snatched.
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Hi! I'm doing much better than when I last posted. I'm doing much better than when I FIRST posted. I'm back to who I used to be in a lot of ways, and that's someone some of you have never known so, uh yeah hi. It's been years. Because of this:

I finally got fully through kicking that (100% legal and pushed as the solution to my problems, the motherfuckers) shit last year.

Then the election came and I went kersplat for months. While Trump winning shook me, that wasn't what knocked me flat. When I saw the way so many people supposedly "on my side" reacted, I dove head-first into cracking the echo chamber I'd been stuck in wide open. I've never done well, emotionally, in echo chambers. Cliques give me a rash. I've always had friends who didn't like each other. So that helped.

But what finally pushed my head back up above water was getting more dietary fat, particularly dairy fat. I have not had this much energy since my 20s. Kind of a problem, since my body is still a wreck in many ways -- I can't even walk around the block without severe pain, let alone run around it. It's still great.
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Yeah, I'm not updating this journal any more. If I post here again it'll likely just be book sporks and nothing else. I can't handle most stuff that smacks of politics online any longer, the constant misinformation everywhere has gotten to me (just because someone seems to agree with your politics that doesn't mean they're not heinous liars and abusers), along with the stark black-and-white thinking and sheer hatred on ALL sides that has gotten far worse in recent years.

Combination of burnout and a real change in online culture that I can't stomach. Also why I noped out of my Tumblr. I do have a Tumblr for my Sims still, pm me if you care to see it.
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I love all the people, of every conceivable place on the political spectrum, using the terrorist attacks in Paris to tell everyone how they were right all along and saying precisely what should be done right now on the world stage. And informing people how to feel, too, that they should feel guilty for feeling a certain way, or for not. It's just lovely timing, and I'm sure all of these people are experts in world politics, sociology, mass psychology, terrorism, violent cults, etc. 

All I know is that this is unbearable. And I'm terrified for the people in my family who live in Paris. I never dreamed I would be thinking maybe they would be safer if they moved back to New York.

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I have not felt like this since 9/11. My cousin lives in Paris. Thankfully she and her kids are out of town (and thank goodness for Facebook so she could let us know), but they have friends they haven't heard from. This can't keep happening.
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So... is anyone else well into their 30s, but with aunts that still call themselves by the nicknames gotten because of the way you mispronounced their names when you were a toddler? Though my aunt Alice doesn't call herself the nickname I unintentionally bestowed, but other people do. Whoops. But I have another aunt who signs her e-mails with the nickname 2-year-old-me bestowed. I don't mind, but it is rather bemusing, especially as they're not much older than me as aunts go.
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Tessa Dare, where have you been all my life? 

I'm worried, because when I start fangirling a romance author, I then read a book by her that's either 1) incredibly offensive 2) incredibly boring or 3) wildly anachronistic. I'm not a stickler for details, and I definitely don't expect Austenian language, but when you have characters in the 19th century with worldviews and ways of expressing them that make them sound like people on the internet in 2015, that throws me out of the book entirely.

But the Tessa Dare books I've read so far have all been funny, sexy, sweet, moving, well-imagined, and neither anachronistic nor overly historically accurate in a way that strangles the story. I adore them. I've only read three so far, the Castles Ever After series, but I have everything else she's published on order from the library. I'm buying the Castles series with birthday money, and with how broke I am, that means a ton. The only other book I've bought in the past year was by Lois McMaster Bujold. So, yeah, recommended.

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