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Content note: sexism, rape culture 

Vanity Fair has an article about Scientology auditioning Tom Cruise's next wife before he married Katie Holmes. It focuses on Nazanin Boniadi who, when she "failed" by being unable to understand David Miscavige's mumbling, was summarily dumped by Cruise through an intermediary. (Boniadi isn't just gorgeous, she also works for human rights with Amnesty International.) Boniadi was then punished by the Church of Scientology with three months' hard labor.

This post is actually not about Scientology or Cruise or even Nazanin Boniad, though I'm developing a girl crush on her. It's about a comment I saw that claimed Cruise's behavior looked like that of a "high school boy".

Maybe if the high school is written by Stephenie Meyer )
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Disquis is horrible.

15 years ago, I never had problems posting in a discussion. There was a login box, then the text, and there you go. Now I'm staring at an animated ellipse, trying to edit a comment that Disquis decided to post in the wrong place. All this fancy junk getting in the way of people communicating with each other is obscene.

Who thought this program was a good one? Who thought it would be super neato keen to shove it everywhere? Here is what we need: a login box, comment threading, and readable text. I don't know what else Disquis is trying to do, but it does not work for the function it is supposed to perform.

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