Jun. 23rd, 2012 04:42 am
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I have been yelled at twice today for supposedly writing comments which I did not write. I'm not talking about misunderstanding or misinterpretation. The first one could be stretched to say, well, maybe they were actually trying to reply to someone else, and had other things on their mind, and were angry because of elsewhere, and... were still putting words into my mouth in a major way, but whatever.

Not the other one. The other one screaming at me actually used quotes around the words to tell me not to say those words, when I had not said those words, I had said nothing in any way like those words, and there is no way my comment could possibly be interpreted to mean those words. 

If this happens again tomorrow, I'm going to start to become paranoid.  
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So people are trying to get the MLP people to do something about "Derpy Hooves", because "derpy" is an ableist slur. One of the people listed to contact is the actress who voices the pony. I didn't think any of this was the actress's fault, and I felt kind of bad for her, getting all these e-mails from justifiably angry people.

I was wrong.

The actress's response is the most condescending, ableist, stuck up her own ass, what the fuck I don't even know what that is that I've ever seen. But I have to thank Tabitha St. Germain. Now, any time anyone doesn't know what this whole "ableism" thing is about, I can point to that.

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