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I wanted to post this on that 3500-comment LJ News entry (http://news.livejournal.com/140969.html), but I get timeout errors every time I try to log in to LJ. Just having an LJ tab open in Firefox slows down my computer since release 88.

Anyway, lots of people are saying LJ is trying to be like Facebook. I never really bought that; the new design isn't all that much like Facebook. I realized today, while attempting to post a comment on a Village Voice article, that it's trying to be Disquis.

Disquis is horrible, of course. Anything more than about ten comments and it lags, it times out, it posts your comment five times, it sits there and animates ellipses at you. It's marginally okay for someone who wants to drive-by comment, but terrible for discussion. It's the big thing on internet articles for some reason. And it's what LJ looks and acts like to me now, though at least Disquis doesn't give me headaches.

Why is Livejournal doing this? Can it really be one man's ego? Are they trying to sink the company, like an internet version of The Producers, have they been paid by DDOSers? It's hard to believe they could be this incompetent, but it's also hard to believe they'd do this maliciously. However, we've seen both incompetence and maliciousness in far larger companies on a massive scale in the U.S.: it's what threw us into the second Great Depression we're in now.

Luckily, the people at Livejournal can't write laws or steal people's homes. They aren't "too big to fail".

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