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Two things: first, dull and annoying and endless daily quests. I don't like daily quests anyway. It makes the game feel like a job. I don't want to pay to work.

Second: I couldn't handle the sexism and rapetastic universe any longer. Read more... )
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This poem has been going through my head for a very long time: ever since I learned what the Republic really is in SW:TOR. (Hint: it starts with "hugely genocidal" and doesn't get better from there.) For Walrus read: Republic. For Carpenter read: Empire.

Then the Walrus says there is no death... )
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I had a whole post written about the things I hate and things I love about SW:TOR. And it disappeared into internet ether. I was silly to write it directly in Dreamwidth instead of in Open Office first. But I sent this connected post to my husband, so I'll post it instead, though it was supposed to spin off a point in the other post. Namely: male characters have more romance options than female characters, but I think the male characters get the worst of it. (All romances are heterosexual so far, which was a point in that disappeared post, gah.) SPOILERS AHEAD.

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