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Aug. 2nd, 2017 12:40 pm
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My hypoglycemia or whatever it was is gone. Snuffed out. Not pining for the Fjords.

I've had temper problems my whole life when I got hungry and couldn't immediately eat. Now that I'm getting a lot more saturated fat, a bit more protein, a bit less carbohydrate, way less wheat, and more salt (within the "average American" range) -- I'm fine. I can be hungry for quite some time and just feel hungry, nothing more. No headache, no feeling out of control. I'm able to deal with crap much better generally. I had some computer problems a few days ago and was annoyed but very manageably so.

I'm also no longer Godzilla when I wake up in the morning. Nor does it take me a long time to drag myself out of bed. I wake up, I lie there for maybe 10 minutes, I get up. I'm a bit out of it but fine. I'll never be a morning person, but mornings are no longer a horrible ordeal for me and everyone foolish enough to interact with me.

I'm no longer cold all the time. When I last had this much energy, I was a teenager. I'm craving vegetables. Also my sweet tooth is diminished -- though if that ever disappears entirely, I'll start thinking I've been body-snatched.

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