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(I accidentally posted this about half-finished earlier, sorry about that.)

Content: clumsiness (probably intentional), boys with no clue (probably unintentional), smirking jackass(definitely intentional), more male ownership of females (as usual)

Bella goes to Gym. I do not understand why Meyer and her copy editor capitalize high school class names. It's one instance of all the little niggling annoyances in this book. Of course, the book also has major annoyances. Annoyance in every layer, that's Twilight.  

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 Edward Cullen's irises are sometimes black. Black irises aren't that uncommon among humans, but they are extremely uncommon among humans with light pink skin. I've never known a white person with black irises. Still, I wouldn't think there was something strange about one white human with them. An entire adopted family of humans who were supposedly not related by blood and yet all had black irises would be another matter.

Edward's eyes change color. Not a big deal, a lot of people's eyes appear to change color, like from blue-gray to green to hazel. However, Edward's eyes change from black to ochre. No one's eyes change from black to ochre. It doesn't happen.

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