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Aug. 16th, 2017 07:18 pm
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Spent all day trying to figure out if I should move my blog to WP or not - I even exported it there just to get a sense of what it's like and what I can do with it. Maybe tomorrow I'll fuss around some more with Blogger styles? I think the main thing is that I want it to look clean and profesh and to have the mimicofmodes.com domain (because that's also clean and profesh). If I can make a Blogger page look like an actual website rather than a free blog, that would be just fine.

As I'm finishing up the bathing dress (pro tip: make the size correlating to your over-bust measurement so that it'll give you the necessary support and tuck in under the bust) and my next project is going to be only a slight variation in a dress I've made before, I'm thinking ahead to medieval sewing to do after that. So I'm probably going to make a Gothic Fitted Dress ... but are there any blog posts out there that argue with Robin's discussion of how to cut it? Since there's so little out there, I'd like to read two well-reasoned sides and decide between them.
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More 'Miss Fisher' Coming in 2018, As Movie Trilogy Gears Up For Filming

Here's to hoping that this is for real! Also that Dot and Mac are in it! Miss Fisher isn't the same without Dot and Mac (or Bert and Cec and Mr. Butler and Jane, but Dot and Mac are my favorites).

Banded demoiselle

Aug. 16th, 2017 01:39 pm
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Banded demoiselle
Banded demoiselle perched on the roof of the woodshed. The toddler was delighted.

We get these damselflies as well as dragonflies flitting through our canal-side garden every year, but they don’t often stop and say hello.

Things of the Day

Aug. 15th, 2017 11:54 pm
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Nick has announced he is stressed out by bookkeeping and doesn't want to do it while he's in school. The bookkeeper has tanked.

So instead of waiting for them to go through another manager or two in the Starbucks department, I'm asking to be made manager over there (because then I can bookkeep.)

... Okay then. I guess I'll go ahead and work on getting a new car. And if this happens, I will be kicking my dad and brother out of the apartment within the next three months.

Jordan came by today to buy his Stella Artois (yes, that's right! He's stopped sending co-workers!). Whenever I see him I feel like the rough equivalent of what a computer would probably feel (if it could) trying to run 800GB with only 400GB of hard-drive.

Like, let's break my brain down in all the directions it spins whenever Jordan comes around:

1. Anger, because he was King of Bailing.

2. Sad, because he's not intentionally King of Bailing, it's just a symptom of being a very insignificant friend. So there's sadness about unrequited sexual/romantic feelings but then also about unrequited regular 'ole platonic, friendly feelings.


4. REVULSION OF SEXUAL FEELINGS (I have a sexual dysfunction, so sexual feelings also come with revulsion. FUN. Like, to clarify: Even if Jordan tomorrow walked up to me and wanted to actually do anything sexual, I don't know what I'd do other than spontaneously combust from the intense simultaneous arousal/revulsion. I think I would literally die. I honestly think I would explode from the contradictory feelings. I've made enough progress that I have lost enough anxiety to try dating again. But there's still a lot of revulsion to work through.)

5. INTENSE HAPPINESS. Because Jordan is my favorite person to talk to and I feel very safe around him. Which is NOT supported by evidence, but again: Starbucks history.


7. CUDDLE ENVY. (Which I literally feel about just about anyone I have any emotional attachment to at all right now, to be fair, but like, HOLY SHIT, I just want to curl next to someone and sleep like a cat so bad.)

8. Sadness about us never doing anything we ever planned and general irritation that he kept bailing on things but he still can come in and grab beer every week.

9. Loneliness. Because of said bailing and wishing I had people in general who were part of a tight-knit group where we did adventurous/outdoor stuff together. Jessica and my other friends are great, but they'll never SCUBA or sky-dive.

I literally felt sick a short while after interacting with him. This list isn't in any particular order, either. My point is my mind is in so many places.

Ugh. Well. He's moving back to England, anyway.


Aug. 15th, 2017 02:59 pm
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If I buy a car and then decide to leave the country next year, what the fuck will I do?

Changed my mind. Decided to focus on TEFL/PMP/CNA/Nursing Prerequisites. Chill on Khan Academy a lot this year, get my UK passport.

If I'm going abroad next year I won't need a car. If I'm not, I can get a car then.

As a bonus, if I'm making 17+/hour at both jobs, I'll have a lot of money to put down on a car next year.

Mystery No More - Killdeer

Aug. 15th, 2017 12:59 pm
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I'm fairly sure I saw this bird swooping over our lake, possibly eating insects. It was hard to get a clear picture of it as it kept walking around and didn't stay standing long. Does anyone have any idea what it is? Read more... )
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Like [personal profile] celli, who will be very understanding when she gets into work this morning and sees that saying "ground beef" and "spaghetti" in combination to me has prompted a 400+ word essay touching on the basics of on my personal theory of what goes into a good red sauce (the various types of meats or lack thereof), how and why why I learned to cook the way I do based on my mother and maternal grandmother's food and personal histories and theories of economizing, food history back into the Roman Empire, and food science. Which I don't go into depth on, because it's early and also it's work email, but still.

Also she has prompted my meal planning for a bastardized primavera sauce for later this week, which is an entirely different type of pasta sauce. Though it does have mushrooms in it, and parmesan, which will contribute nicely to the umami. (I really can't stop myself.)

(Also it might be time to try another run at that delicious fresh fava bean and parmesan salad, even though fresh fava beans are a gigantic pain to peel. But it was SO GOOD. I just need to remember to get a loaf of good sourdough or French bread to toast first to soak up the sauce.)

Also she will forgive me for not ending a nested parenthetical properly.

Though she will laugh at me. Probably a lot. (I will deserve it.)

But the nice thing about pasta sauce is that I can cook it gluten-free and she can still come over and eat it ANY TIME. We can have a GF pot and a gluten pot of pasta. Which she knows. This is the joy of pasta. The pots wash and the gluten comes off. It's not like flour, which gets in the nooks and crannies of the KitchenAid and stays EVERYWHERE.

Though I do have a nifty recipe for GF peanut butter cookies from Smitten Kitchen if we ever want to get together and bake something. I could use a hand mixer or a wooden spoon instead of the KitchenAid. Also you do the GF stuff first, before you get the flour in the air, so that you don't cross-contaminate.


Aug. 15th, 2017 12:20 am
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I have a lot of short shifts at Ralphs this week. Thank God. I'm so tired. Plus I'm going to be looking at cars. I'm going to print the detailed information from the CostCo Connect. For some reason the Ontario location sells it much cheaper than Irvine. I keep being conflicted about buying a car right now and trying to wait. First, because I like the Outback slightly more than the Crosstrek (this will sound petty, but it mostly comes down to the gear shifts. The Crosstrek tries to mimic the look of a stick shift and I think it looks ugly. The Outback doesn't.)

If Linda asks me to take over the Starbucks department - technically a demotion from cashier, but I'd get paid more and finally be made full-time*, then I feel like I should take it** and go ahead and get the Outback.

Otherwise, stick with the Crosstrek.

* Cashiers get paid more in the long run, but it takes five years to max out. If I'm 'demoted' to GM manager, I get topped-out GM pay at $16-17/hour. So I'm considered higher-tier than a Starbucks manager right now, but I only make $11/hour.

** I'm not a full-time cashier. The plan was to train me for Sales Manager, at which point I'd be full-time. But if I were Starbucks Manager, I'd be made full-time, and given $16-17/hour. If I can still be moved back to cashier long-term, I would not lose my pay or full-time status.

Side Note: It would also be easier to do Safety Coaching, since I'd have my own email and my EUID would be given higher-level authorization. It would also be much easier to do some classes because I'd write my own schedule. Life would suck, but the payoff would have more potential.

This sounds so stupid, but I really just want a friend I could spoon with right now. Well, not right now. I mean when I'm trying to sleep during the day. I've started getting more physically affectionate with people (e.g. Head on shoulder) because the urge to cuddle is so bad.

I'm not sure it would work out as well as I imagine it in my head. Usually it's harder to sleep when spooning. I actually prefer to sleep alone. One problem I have with the idea of dating or getting married is the idea of having to share a bed. But there is this really overwhelming urge lately. I don't think it's sexual. I think it's just stress.

None of my friends are snugglers anymore than I normally I am, though. I can't even imagine how I'd phrase that text message: "Hey, wanna watch some Hulu while I sleep curled up with you like a cat? Or hey. Do you just want to hang out and take a nap?"

If I write that to someone asking if I want to hang out they're going to think I'm joking and the sad part is I only wish I were joking.

An Update of Sorts

Aug. 13th, 2017 11:57 pm
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I'm seriously thinking about getting (as in, starting to scout around for prices) a Subaru. I was debating between a Crosstrek and an Outback. But the only reason I'd need an Outback is if I ever had kids and they were ten and older. So. Crosstrek, and then if I ever have kids in the future I can look at getting a new car when they're older.

The only thing that has me on the fence about it are thoughts like, "What if I decide to move out of the country in the next few years?" But the reality is the chances of that are slim. Also, if I start dating, it's going to be nicer to have a car that can take me out on the types of dates I actually want to go on (outdoor/adventure activities.) If I decided to move and had a career that allowed me to, I could transport or sell the car. Subarus have great resell value.

Of course, people might question my mental stability since I want to get the Sunset Orange one. But that's neither here nor there. Plus, I feel like if I'm ever being sucked into a mudslide I'll appreciate that visibility.

I'm not actually sure whether I'd get approved for a car loan right now. My credit rating's good, but not excellent, plus I need to pay down some revolving debt. But I also heavily suspect I'll end up being made Starbucks manager, because they've already burned through two.

Having control over my schedule would be pretty powerful, even if literally everything else about it would suck. I want to do the ROP courses for Medical Assistant and Nursing Essentials. It's too late to change my availability for this round. But if I was making 17.75/hour at one job and 17/hour at the other, I'd be making more than enough to pay all my stuff down, save money, etc.

I'm trying to practice my Italian at work, but I'm too worried about waking up clients. I thought it would help with the medical language course, too, alas. I'd have to to to the tech room. I prefer being around where the clients are lest anything occur.

Vicious cycle:

Aug. 13th, 2017 10:21 pm
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Upper classes extremely racist, have power to enact & maintain white supremacist structures & systems.

Racial hatred , segregation, etc. therefore becomes part of economic aspiration for people who pass as White Enough.

Certain segments of upper classes then get to deflect a lot of responsibility onto people who aren't well enough integrated into the systems white supremacist power to cloak their race antagonism in meritocracy or similar BS.

It works with ableism too, and transphobia/queerphobia...

White supremacy is inherently ableist, violently cisheteronormative, misogynistic, etc...

And capitalism is too, and they are largely the same monster...

But it still took me a looong time to work how very much the ideas of "success" in my USian culture is tied to racism.

Part of it is the fact that I grew up surrounded by people who eagerly befriended the educated, culturally compatible "good ones" and cared deeply about helping "the less fortunate." They didn't want to be assholes or racists, and they definitely didn't equate wealth with morality or success...*

But the whole idea of settling down for stability and having kids in your good Blue Marriage** ended up meaning not raising those kids in the kind of diverse environment they had sought out and enjoyed and valued. Like, my parents went to work in places that look like America, where the people and issues everyone needs to have familiarity and some understanding of to try being a decent citizen are everywhere all the time...

Then they came home to this sealed-up freakish Whiteland. (And I've done even worse by my kids on that front, tho the place is a tiny bit better and some other kinds of diversity shake out differently...)

*They kind of went some opposite ways I'll try to address some time...

**Also a post subject, I hope

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Aug. 13th, 2017 08:30 pm
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Hoo boy, what a week. I basically spent all of yesterday on Twitter ... watched the video of the car plowing into the crowd and the other car. I don't think it's sunk in with some people that the stereotypical Civil Rights Era non-violent protest is not going to work, because our institutions and government are not opposing the violence to the extent they need to be. In many ways they're supporting it. What a huge, awful mess this is.

This evening I started watching The Living and the Dead, a Victorian Gothic/paranormal/timeslip series starring Colin Morgan (who has really grown up since Merlin), on Amazon Prime. The sleeves are generally too small for the 1890s and one character overflows her corset in a really painful-looking way, but it's quite well done, story-, acting-, and set-wise.

Edit: Here's a thing, my dad found out from his BFF that we can have Italian citizenship if his grandfather wasn't naturalized before my grandfather was born. The 1930 census says he was naturalized and the 1920 one says he wasn't (my grandfather was born in 1924), and I've never been able to find naturalization records for either my great-grandfather or great-grandmother so I think that might have just been one of those census mistakes, so it could happen. And then I could get a job in the EU.

Pearl Pictures

Aug. 13th, 2017 03:50 pm
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This is my fat ratty, Pearl! I got her and her cagemate Topaz to be friends for Amethyst, but Pearl chewed up Amethyst's ears so that didn't work out. She and Topaz lived together just fine though, until Topaz passed away not long ago. Pearl's become really needy since, and always wants cuddles now!

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I was looking through Blood and Gold, another Anne Rice vampire book, for bits about another female vampire I like, who is of course swiftly killed and her girlfriend isn't mad at all and hooks up with one of the protags who does it, and...I knew it was the story of Marius, and told in first-person, like all her novels. What I didn't realize is that, like Blackwood Farm, it's him telling a story to another person. Come to think of it, I think her book Servant of the Bones (not a vampire or witch book, I think it predates them) is as well. She really needs to find a framing device more suited to her style. That said, a friend pointed out that this is a common trope in Gothic fiction, such as Frankenstein. I think I tend to be more critical of things written in the modern era and give older things a pass because they're "classic" in my mind.

I also just want to remind everybody that this story is set in New Orleans, but that only non-white characters are the black staff who work for the wealthy white family of the main character. Who work FOR FREE for this wealthy white family out on their OLD SOUTHERN MANOR just because they enjoy it so much. And do not get to actually live in this manor themselves, but a bungalow on the grounds which is filled with secondhand no-longer-wanted furniture from the manor once the white folks are done with it. And these people are supposedly so "rich" they don't have to work, it's just they LOVE it so much that their entire aspiration in life seems to be serving these white people, to the point they will live on these manor grounds (but again, not in the manor itself with the white family) miles away from anyone else. And they may be "rich" but still use the secondhand furniture and wear secondhand clothing from their white employers.

And this is all presented as being hunky-dory, and that's apparently not something Anne Rice thought was problematic for a second. And this woman, mind you, considers herself an enlightened liberal progressive person.

Oh yeah, and the oldest son/heir of this family is sleeping with one of the staff members sexually, because that sure doesn't conjure up any shitty historical abuses of black slaves and servant women by male masters (though it is iffy on her part too given their age gap, Quinn being a teenager, and the fact she'd have literally helped raise him from infancy) and sleeps literally with an elderly staff member as a sort of stuffed animal or bed warmer (which would be bizarre even without the racial issues, srsly wtf is up with this). This goes on into his teenage years, and is currently still going on at the age of eighteen, and when the elderly woman dies, he tells the next eldest woman on staff to take her place, which she does, because black women are just interchangeable furniture I suppose.

None of this is relevant to the following chapter, I just wanted to note it all again because god it still just blows my mind, and it blows my mind even more I've never seen this discussed or called out EVER.

For the record, I don't think there's any problem writing about bad things, or things you would not want to happen in real life. Heck, I think EVERY story, by nature of the need for conflict, involves something that one wouldn't wish to happen for real, even if it's only an inconvenience. And I also can't support the idea that every protagonist needs to be wholly unproblematic in their views; that's unrealistic and ridiculous for a number of reasons, and I think it actually does more harm than good (promoting the idea that "good" people will just automatically be enlightened and progressive on everything by default) That said, I do think there is a problem when bigoted actions and views are presented utterly uncritically and even positively by the writer, and WHY that is. Like I do not like the idea that the mere presence or acknowledgement of any real-world bigotry or toxicity must be scrubbed from fiction entirely, but I also feel there's got to be a line where you ask "why the fuck are they writing it this way?"

(As a note, this is exempting works like bodice rippers, which are SUPPOSED to be utter fantasies which are largely written BY AND FOR the demographic (women) who would be victimized by those same behaviors in real life. Anyone who knows a thing about the genre knows when they pick it up that this a fantasy made for women who enjoy that, and in no way indicates the writer or reader wants/supports these behaviors in real life. There's just that implicit understanding. I'm talking about works that do not have that implicit understanding, and more like works that, say, would present these dynamics as a realistic healthy real-world romance.)

Anyway, now that I've reminded everybody of the absurd racism going on, we're going to get an entirely DIFFERENT variety of bigoted problematic grossness in...

Read more... )


Aug. 12th, 2017 11:47 pm
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Jessica and I got together today to go to the 'Watermelon Festival' at Tanaka Farms (second time this week! We've been busy. Earlier this week it was to practice for an interview.)

Read more... )

I'm thinking getting a CRUNCH gym membership (where Wendy works out) so we can work out together. It's actually got a $10/month option. I'd keep my 24 hour membership, I think, but that's very tempting.

I'm also thinking about biting the bullet and getting a new car. If Ralphs promotes me to Starbucks Dept. Manager (Tyler is leaving and I'm honestly not sure how else they'd fill it since it's so hard to get those full) I'm definitely getting a new car to ease my pain.


Aug. 12th, 2017 12:47 am
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Today went pretty well. I showed a funny video to a lot of people (my battery was almost dead, so I didn't show everyone.)

Mom called and I spoke with my grandparents, Siobhan, and Alastair. Since Father Dan has known me since I was born and has been a friend of the family since before I was born, we've decided we'll talk to him about getting my British and Irish passport. Guess in the meantime I'll work on PMP and nurse prerequisite coursework. That way in the future if I want to move over there, I don't have to be broke.

I showed the girls from Luna Grill the video as well (like I said, I love them - they're great people - I just never learn their names because they order in a big group.) So (predictably, to be honest) minutes after talking to them, Jordan texts me continuing on from the last conversation we had.

I don't like that. He can only be bothered to talk to me when he's at work. So, I didn't bother responding. I was busy talking to my family, anyway. Maybe I'll respond during a slow period at work, like on a break. I have to decide what boundaries there are for him and then set them. But maybe that's actually the ideal situation - a sort of pen-pal scenario.

Jessica wouldn't like the video, but tomorrow we're going to a watermelon festival. Mostly to find yellow watermelon.

I rang up a celebrity today but I had no idea til some other customers started asking to take selfies with her. Some character from The Office.

Catch-up time.

Aug. 11th, 2017 03:26 pm
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I had surgery on the 2nd, and it went largely well. Fast, no complications.

I've been accordingly ignoring everything and anything, so I've missed about the last two weeks of DW. I'm calling amnesty on it; if you have something you're proud of and want a cheer for, please drop a link here!


Aug. 10th, 2017 12:24 am
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Work went okay. Annie doesn't seem to hate me as much as she used to. We're not friendly, but she doesn't pretend I exist except to yell at me and tell me what I'm doing wrong.

I'm struggling between being angry and snarky and sarcastic toward Jordan and wanting to just let it all go.

It's really hard because I just want people to stop trying to feed me bullshit. Not just Jordan. Jordan just hurts my feelings the most, because the bailing was so frequent. But it's also been an issue with Amanda and Jenny and Tori.

I set his number at 'Do Not Disturb' so that when he messages me I don't get notifications. It's a sort of compromise between blocking him and not blocking him - to just not know he's texted until I physically go and check my text messages anyway.

The main other thing I need to do is start setting up more meetings with Patrick, Nick, Wendy (I have a pretty good and active schedule with Jessica right now.) Hang out with the people who actually want to hang out.

I did delete a lot of people from my FaceBook. I'm really trying to peel it back to people I actually hang out with regularly, are family, or went to school with me. (People can follow me, if they want, because I've had people ask.)

It's just I wish people would be honest about not wanting to hang out instead of bailing. And Jordan is sort of the king at bailing. At least Amanda backs out of plans before they're made.

I brought my Italian book to study tonight.

Brimstone butterfly

Aug. 10th, 2017 08:39 am
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Brimstone butterfly
[Macro image of a female brimstone butterfly sitting on a green leaf, with lovely veined and spotted green wing underside on display.]

I am thrilled to have taken this photo. Brimstones visit our garden every summer, but I've never seen one actually have a lengthy rest in it, let alone allow me to get this close with my giant macro lens and pap it repeatedly.

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