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 Is anyone else getting a lot of spam here lately?
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I have been reading the archives of Lazy Evaluation Ranch. This post is where I lost it completely. I'm going to do something else now because I like breathing, but one day my obituary will read, "Died tragically while having hysterics over goat poop and nymphomaniac peacocks."
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 I ranted a bunch about the last two books in this series by Miranda Neville, but I do recommend the first two. The second in particular (The Ruin of a Rogue) made me really happy. Obviously romance is a very personal thing, and what hits one person's happy place isn't going to do the same for another. But the first book, The Importance of Being Wicked, is (intentionally) hilarious, and the second has lots of funny parts and I found it incredibly sexy. I also identified strongly with the heroine, who wants to unearth Roman relics. 
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 I haven't been around because Dreamwidth stuff tends to take up a lot of brainspace for me, and I've been working on a novel. I hope everyone's doing okay!
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This is about fiction. It's because of the romance novel I just finished reading, but I've seen it in far more than just romance novels.

Number one peeve: when someone in a "hero" role has done terrible things doesn't have to acknowledge fully how terrible those things are, and is pronounced redeemed with very little effort.

Number two peeve: when someone in a "hero" role beats himself up his whole adult life for doing terrible things, and the author keeps hinting that he's done truly terrible things, but eventually we find out he did NOTHING MORALLY WRONG WHATSOEVER. 

Come on, when the title calls the hero a "Duke of Dark Desires", I expect some kind of actual darkness he's perpetrated in the past. I am deeply unsatisfied. 
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Yes, that's a real title. It's the last book in the series that contained that awful romance novel with the abusive husband whose redemption I did not believe for a second. He and his perfect angel wife are in this one too, blech, but they're taking off for France so hopefully there won't be any more scenes with them in it.

But that novel did have Julian, who was awesome, and this is his novel. So far, it's amusing me. I mean, it's called The Duke of Dark Desires, I don't think I'm supposed to take it terribly seriously. Plus Julian continues to be hot, even if he is somewhat selfish. He's a little whiny for my taste, but I guess that's always been a Thing, and unlike the douche in the last book, he has a sense of humor that saves him. And he has more reason for angst. And, centrally, he takes responsibility for his own bad decisions. Plus: not abusive. (Fingers crossed that he stays that way.)

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I posted all parts of this on Tumblr first, but the length suits Dreamwidth better:

First raging:
Smart Bitches, Trashy Books gave this book an A. And so far, I hate it. WAY more than I did that last romance novel I was laughing at. So far, I can’t even laugh at anything in this. (Except for testicles roiling. Do they do that?)

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Oh Aja

Feb. 22nd, 2015 03:51 pm
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 So, Aja Romano's decided to give Andy Fucking Blake a tonguebath. I keep thinking, "well, Aja's not the sharpest, but she can't be THAT dull," and then she tops herself. Anything for attention, I suppose. What a mess.

Goddamn it journalfen, you had to die just before we needed you most.

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 "This royal person is behaving badly! He's not polite about his wife! Or his children! The children are rebelling! They don't want to do any work! These people are not terribly kind!"

They're behaving like royalty, you mean? People should be required to read some 18th-century broadsheets before starting gossip sites. 
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 ... and it was actually good.

In the dream book, the chief of police, who had been a good friend and mentor to Anita through many books, was murdered. This character does not actually exist, but I think he was an expy of Zebrowski (sp?). The second-in-command who "inherited" his role -- which I think is not how it actually works -- was Richard-as-a-cop. Anita had a strained on-again/off-again thing with Richard, a realistic and not hugely obnoxious relationship where you knew they would eventually end up together but meanwhile were each other's best friends and irritated each other constantly.

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 So far we have:

1) Heroine who is down on her luck and knows nothing about the fashionable world, yet explicitly separates men into "gentlemen" and "farmers and etc.," and it never crosses her mind that the latter are people to whom she could be attracted. (Hi, I'd like to introduce you to Robert Martin and Gilbert Blythe, but they're too good for you.)

2) Heroine sleeps the sleep of the dead until she's groped.

3) Hero is a massive grouch who sleeps around with women he explicitly does not respect, and he looks down on women who sleep around.

4) Hero supposedly prefers well-padded women, but cannot stop thinking about how slim the heroine is.

5) Heroine is given a huge amount of money and a personal stylist, but she doesn't want any of those things, oh deary me no, because, as the hero says, she is "not like most girls." 

6) Sentence fragments! They're not my bane usually, but there are SO FUCKING MANY like MORE THAN IN TWILIGHT my kingdom for a complete sentence!

7) Showing, then telling, then explaining what's been told. Okay, she wanted to lengthen the novel, I can dig it. Maybe she should have tried complete sentences; those work pretty well.

8) Everyone in this book, including the side characters, is obnoxious in a way that makes me dislike the author. 

9) Aren't the hero and heroine supposed to be avoiding each other? So why are they not avoiding each other? The hero despises the heroine and said he wanted them to stay out of each other's way, yet he finds her and starts conversations with her. There's no outside force pushing them together. They seem to be talking to each other because they're the hero and heroine of a romance novel, and that's it.

10) I revoke the author's right to use the word "rustic" and any variations thereof.

It's not badly written, exactly, and it's not massively offensive, precisely, and I'm laughing enough at the cliches and absurdity that I think I'll finish it, but argh. 

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Sooo... who else suspects Frank Churchill poisoned his aunt? He has a huge fight with Jane and rides home quickly. Mrs. Churchill "had not lived above six-and-thirty hours after his return. A sudden seizure of a different nature from any thing foreboded by her [Mrs. Churchill's] general state, had carried her off after a short struggle."

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Besides being immersed in a Bioware game as usual (finished Inquisition for the first time tonight), I've also been dealing with emotions returning. It's like the weather: I have no idea what I'm going to feel next, but at least I'm starting to feel some complex emotions and desires again. Tonight, I'm in the mood for strong, villainous women who rip the world apart. Ones with motivations other than "waah my boyfriend cheated on me" or "she's prettier than me" or "I can't have babies" or whateverthefuck. Someone whose throne was stolen from her and she resorts to horrible things to get it back, for instance. Who is not good, who wants vengeance and power, and who does not get softened through motherhood or the application of penii or anything else. 
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 I think I might need to take a break from playing Dragon Age: Inquisition today so that I can actually get enough sleep tonight. Whether I WILL is another issue.
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I'm reading Emma for about the 50th time, and got to the part where Emma thinks of Harriet, "the girl who could be gratified by a Robert Martin's riding about the country to get walnuts for her might very well be conquered by Mr. Elton's admiration." Such a brilliant way to highlight how wrong Emma is. Robert Martin went three miles out of his way to get walnuts for Harriet just because she happened to mention she liked them, at a time when three miles was no small distance. Elton sat around comfortable rooms flattering women. 
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The following exchange has happened way too often in my life:

Person (almost always a girl or woman): X is maybe being shitty and making me feel shitty and I've told them the problems and they won't change. *lists examples of X being incredibly terribly shitty to the nth degree* Are they actually being shitty or should I stop having any feelings at all, because I have been raised to believe I am disallowed from having feelings?

Me: X is being so shitty. SO shitty. Your feelings are more than justified.

Person: More about X being shitty, worry about having feelings/being "irrational".

Me: X is being shitty. You are more than justified in your feelings and are totally rational.

Person: Okay, but I should let X continue to be totally shitty toward me because I don't want to hurt their feelings.

Me: *looks up how to make an earthquake machine*
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 I'm starting to wonder if I'm having a recurrence of my recurring mono. I've been exhausted for the past week. I got over 14 hours of sleep last night and have still been exhausted all day, more than can usually be accounted for by my taking Flexeril last night. I've had this driving need to lie down, too, which happens when mono's flaring up. Also digestive troubles. Hopefully whatever this is is a passing thing, though, maybe a little bug, because I really don't want to be completely exhausted for the next three months.
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 So I started playing Final Fantasy XIV and it's super fun. And wtf why does everyone on the server want me to join their guild tonight when I'm on a damage dealer. People are very friendly, haven't met a jerk yet, which is just... wow. I didn't know that could happen any more in MMORPGs. Maybe it's the complete lack of any general chat? Or the fact that there are lots of VERY good-looking male NPCs (and PCs), and that causes some kind of panic in the typical MMORPG jackasses? That it requires a subscription? I'm sure I'll run into jerks, but right now I'm kind of in shock that I've been playing 3 days or so without meeting one.

Also I'm going to start counting how many guild invites I get tonight. It's been at least 5 so far.

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