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Aug. 8th, 2017 10:32 am
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First, Nancy Werlin is making a comic about her relationship with a sociopath. It's extremely creepy and funny and I recommend it.

Second, The Katering Show. Fucking hilarious. My favorite episode is probably either the wedding one, the Christmas one or the one where they (pretend to) stop eating sugar. But watching them in order from the beginning makes them even funnier.

Third, here's my Sims tumblr. I didn't link it before because I was afraid of the two internet names being connected but now that I don't have anxiety any longer, fuck it. I've got some ramblings on there, and eesh avoid the "politics" tag I had a meltdown over the election (everyone else in the community was having one too so I fit right in), but the main stuff is in the "sims 2 widespot" tag, starting here. Widespot is the awesomest of Sim neighborhoods, created by author and dedicated Simmer Peni Griffin, and if you play Sims 2 you should play it.

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