Mar. 4th, 2015

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Yes, that's a real title. It's the last book in the series that contained that awful romance novel with the abusive husband whose redemption I did not believe for a second. He and his perfect angel wife are in this one too, blech, but they're taking off for France so hopefully there won't be any more scenes with them in it.

But that novel did have Julian, who was awesome, and this is his novel. So far, it's amusing me. I mean, it's called The Duke of Dark Desires, I don't think I'm supposed to take it terribly seriously. Plus Julian continues to be hot, even if he is somewhat selfish. He's a little whiny for my taste, but I guess that's always been a Thing, and unlike the douche in the last book, he has a sense of humor that saves him. And he has more reason for angst. And, centrally, he takes responsibility for his own bad decisions. Plus: not abusive. (Fingers crossed that he stays that way.)

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