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If you want to talk to me about something that's not discussed in one of my posts, make a comment here and I'll probably create a new post for it.

This post was written January 14, 2012. I've post-dated it to 2032 to keep it on top.
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I just saw someone use the term "blonde privilege" seriously.  
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So since a couple weeks before moving, I've had pretty bad digestive problems. I won't get into it, you do not want to know, but I have found a few foods that hurt less than others: white bagels (NOT whole wheat), yogurt, Oreos, dairy (though I'm iffy on cooked cheese), strawberries (which throws off my "very low fiber" hypothesis)... and McDonald's. In fact, a meal of McDonald's chicken nuggets, french fries, and chocolate shake w/whipped cream is the only substantial meal I have found so far that causes me zero digestive problems. Chicken breast cooked at home is still better than most things, but not as good as McDonald's. It sure makes me see all those "McDonald's is unhealthy and therefore EVIL" rants in a new light. 
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While I often worry that some of my online stuff might have some kind of negative impact on me if I become a published author, Laurell K. Hamilton just posted a picture of her ass on her Facebook page. It is not a separate, private page. This is the one she talks about writing and promotes her books on. 

Really I just had to say that. Because why should I suffer alone. Who posts a picture of their ass on the social media they use for work?! Unless they're an ass model or something. 

Just moved

Mar. 20th, 2014 04:20 pm
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So we just moved this weekend. It's a smaller apartment in the same complex, and since it's on the ground floor,  I'll be able to leave the apartment semi-regularly! It's also nicer in a lot of ways -- it looks onto greenery, trees, and a pond rather than onto a parking lot, which is a HUGE difference; it's got wood floors; the air conditioning actually fully works; there are granite countertops. Its being smaller is mainly an issue because we now only have one bathroom, but meh, it'll be fine.

I overextended myself a lot during moving because I felt so bad about just sitting on my butt, so my back has been really bad for a few days. And now we are surrounded by boxes and I want them unpacked but I know I shouldn't do anything, and it's very frustrating. Also my desktop isn't working -- I guess something got dislodged during the move. But I'm just glad the moving part is over.

On Zohydro

Mar. 13th, 2014 12:14 am
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Normally, people writing about things like opiate painkillers say to make a decision with your doctor and do your research and decide what's best and etc. I'm not going to do that. I'm going to say this:

Do not let your doctor prescribe you Zohydro. Don't take it. Period.

Zohydro is an opiate that was approved by the FDA against the recommendation of its own panel. It is far stronger than Percocet (which I also recommend against taking). It is so strong, merely two pills are enough to cause a deadly overdose in adults. Giving a drug this strong to people who are already miserable because of pain is extremely questionable solely because of the suicide risk. But the risk -- no, not risk. The near certainty of addiction makes it criminally irresponsible for any doctor to prescribe this thing.  

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As in the Etrian Odyssey Untold class, not the "there can be only one" kind. So, this is the character I start with in story mode, and I'm looking at his (it appears to be a "he") skills and, uh, going by other Etrian Odyssey games... they suck. Expend own HP/expend party's HP/transfer binds to allies -- are you kidding me? I usually don't like HP-spending skills in any rpgs, but in Etrian Odyssey, they are death. And binds are things I go out of my way to inflict on enemies in Etrian Odyssey games because they are so powerful.

Well, this is an Etrian Odyssey game, and they do tend to change up quite a bit with every iteration. I guess I was expecting it to be more like original Etrian Odyssey 1, but it's good that the gameplay seems to differ so much in the remake, since that will make it a whole new game. But I'm still staring at this guy wondering where the heck to put his skill points, imagining him draining my Medic's HP to do damage, which hell no. 

ETA: Okay, I take it back, Highlanders kick ass. Turning tide, battle instinct, bloodlust (which I don't have yet but look forward to)... actually, that brings me to something. The skills for all classes have been changed, which is good. However, I'm level 7 and have not come anywhere near a party wipe once. No one has even died. I'm playing on Expert, the highest level and the one that's supposed to be like the rest of the series. Etrian Odyssey 4 was also much more gentle than the previous games, particularly at the beginning. :(. I don't want all RPGs to be extremely difficult by any means, but that was Etrian Odyssey's claim to fame. EO:Untold is a little tougher than most RPGs, but most RPGs are cakewalks. Hrm. I hope I'll be taking this back around level 15.

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Etrian Odyssey Untold: the Millennium Girl is on sale at the DS Nintendo store for $19.99. I've been on the fence about getting it or Rune Factory 4 first, and that decided it for me. Anyway, if you're at all interested in the game, now's a good time to get it. The Etrian Odyssey series is one of my favorites. 
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"Murder by the Book" is Season 1, Episode 1, the first in the series proper. It's directed by Steven Spielberg, which... well, it's definitely DIRECTED.

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Anita's relationship with Richard is written badly, as everything is written badly in these books. However, it has far more emotion than any other of Anita's relationships. She very clearly does want to be with Richard. All the other penii are smoke and air, easily distilled into a couple traits. JC is a manipulative rapist with bad fashion sense. Nathaniel is a wereorchid. Micah is Anita's yes-man with an average-sized penis that we are supposed to think is huge. Jason is a smutty fuckbuddy. Requiem quotes poetry. The rest of the harem is a cloud of eyes and hair. Richard is the only one with any complexity or inner life. He's the only one whom I can believe keeps existing when Anita's not in the room. He's also the only one whom I believe loves her, or indeed cares for her in any way beyond a wet n'tight place to stick his dick. Actually, that's not quite true; I believe Jean-Claude cares for her as a tool with which he can gain power.

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CN: Anita Blake book

I think LKH took a long break between the end of the last chapter and the beginning of this one, because they don't make sense together.

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Just because, I am browsing Valentine's Day recipes on allrecipes.com and giggling at them for a couple reasons.

1) Why would you cover filet mignon, an extremely expensive and delicious cut of meat, in a strong sauce? Strong sauces are for things that don't taste great otherwise. If you can't taste the filet mignon, why get filet mignon in the first place?
2)  What's with all the rich food? I have nothing against rich food, but it does make physical activity more difficult, and that's the last thing I would think one would want on Valentine's Day.
3) Why is there so much salmon? If it were oysters, I'd understand, but salmon? Is there a myth about salmon's aphrodisiac qualities that I haven't heard? Am I just not getting it because I hate salmon?
4) Turducken? Seriously?
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JKR did not say Hermione should have been with Harry. She said that Hermione should not have ended up with Ron. That is all the quotes say.

STOP SAYING THIS MEANS JKR SAID HERMIONE SHOULD HAVE ENDED UP WITH HARRY, INTERNETS! Hermione was not Bella Swan. She did not have only two choices in life which were dictated by the boys she was closest to in high school.

Oh and btw needing relationship counseling does not mean you should not be with  someone, Ms. Rowling. If you actually said that, I am sorely disappointed in you. I like you as a person better than I like your books, but that quote is really very bad.
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I have decided to start  semi-reviewing some things I like as well as things I dislike. To start: Columbo! I shall start with the first two TV movies.

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CN: Anita Blake book, pregnancy, woman treated as nothing but a womb, bestiality

I apologize in advance for not being very detailed with this chapter. It starts with something that upsets me so much, I have decided to skim it.

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CN: Anita Blake book (nothing really offensive this time except very bad writing)

This is around the fourth time I've tried to start this post. That's because this chapter is... wtf. What the ever loving fuck. It's actually not particularly offensive from a moral standpoint this time, unless you consider lazy writing for which people are expected to pay money to be morally bad, which I do. You know how in first drafts, lots of people write unrelated scenes with plans to link them up in the second draft? This is what LKH did here, but she never linked them up. Also, I think it's the worst chunk of writing yet, purely from a style standpoint. It's just plain bad.

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I realized today that doing too many projects at once is a form of procrastination. Now I have to figure out what to put aside. 
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What the title says. I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday.  
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I haven't been able to be with my family for years, and I'm sad about that, but at the same time:

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CN: Anita Blake book, phallocentrism. 

Time for sex for 16 pages. I'm not sure how to spork this. If you know anything about LKH, you already know what happens. She cannot name body parts; she does not seem to know the clitoris exists; she's phallus-obsessed; she has characters do things that aren't possible; she writes like someone who has never had sex, seen sex, or read about sex; and she writes like someone who does not inhabit a human body.

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