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If you want to talk to me about something that's not discussed in one of my posts, make a comment here and I'll probably create a new post for it.

This post was written January 14, 2012. I've post-dated it to 2032 to keep it on top.
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CN: Anita Blake book

This chapter is both extremely horrible and actually good. No kidding: there are some legitimately good bits here; not just "good for LKH", but good. I am confused and frustrated.

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Aug. 29th, 2014 06:04 pm
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I am going through a very weird time right now. My back is much better than it was and much better than the doctors told me it ever could be, and all because I had a depressive episode after moving and was therefore confined to bed for months. Which was against doctors' orders, and against a lot of new and fancy studies. They used to prescribe bed rest, now they prescribe surgery, I no longer trust anything they say. That extraordinarily painful surgery I got diminished my pain somewhat for a while, but nothing like bed rest did.

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Aug. 9th, 2014 04:41 pm
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Why is there a rooster hanging out with the ducks in the grassy/pond area behind our apartment? I guess he wants to be a duck? How did he even get over the fence? 
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I have finally gotten around to playing the Mass Effect games for the first time, and if EDM is the all-pervasive music of the future like it is in these games, I am glad I am not going to live to see it. Hear it. Whatever. Ugh.
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So I actually kinda hate Pharrell's song "Happy". "Hate" is too strong a term -- it's not "Having My Baby" or "Achy Breaky Heart". But it makes me not-happy. However, as usual, Weird Al does make me happy.

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One thing you don't get told in sex ed (even if you're lucky enough to have it) is that your period, and what happens around it, often change drastically over time. How long it is, how heavy, etc., but not just that. 

I used to not get PMS at all. Then I did, and everything was the most DRAMATIC THING EVER OMG for a couple days. That lasted through my twenties and into my early 30s. Then I started to get lightheadedness and occasional vertigo right before my period. Now that seems to have gone away, and now I get what's basically a mild cold with extreme thirst right before my period really gets going, which is something I'd never heard of anyone getting before. But I looked it up online, and apparently it's not that uncommon. I guess I prefer it to the DRAMAZ and feeling like I was going to fall over, but jeez. I am really looking forward to menopause.
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Watching This Is Spinal Tap was a good move. It snapped me out of the beginnings of what looked to be a self-hating spiral. However, I now have Spinal Tap songs in my head.

It could be worse: compared to most pop nowadays, Spinal Tap's songs are positively gentlemanly. Not to mention funny. But still.   
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-- Okay, I'm writing
-- I'm stuck
-- I can get past this
-- No, I'm really stuck
-- I can't do anything right and am useless and my life is over
-- Screw this, I'm watching This Is Spinal Tap
-- I have ideas again


Jun. 14th, 2014 05:01 am
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Oh yeah, I was going to link actual sexy stuff as an antidote the libido-destroying Laurell K. Hamilton crap, wasn't I? Well, here's Ani (for the first but not last time on this list.)

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CN: Anita Blake book

Chapter 25

The chapter starts with Anita leaving the bedroom to go to the bathroom. But when the last chapter ended, she was still in the bathroom. The last time she told us her location, it was to tell us that Remus was "invading our bath" (222). Between chapters 24 and 25, LKH forgot where Anita was. The best thing about this is that there's no reason for it. Anita tells us she leaves the bedroom (which she was not in) to go to the bathroom (where she already was) so she can tell us that the vampire Elinore is in the bedroom when she "returns" to the bedroom.

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I've been binging on Lois McMaster Bujold and Harvest Moon because I was hating the world too much to deal with it. Feeling better today (emotionally), I decided to poke around and see what was going on. Yeah, I, uh, think I'll be hibernating again.

(Also I am getting a cold.) 
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CN: interfamilial violence, celebrity gossip

So Solange Knowles physically attacked her brother-in-law in an elevator. That's not what I'm going to talk about exactly, though. I'm going to talk about the comments about it on gossip sites.

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CN: Anita Blake book

Sorry about the delay. Life's been kicking my ass. Also, more nothing happens in this chapter than has happened in the rest of the book so far, which makes it very difficult to deal with. Its existence doesn't even make sense from an authorial wank perspective, unless LKH is even weirder than I thought.

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I just saw someone use the term "blonde privilege" seriously.  
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So since a couple weeks before moving, I've had pretty bad digestive problems. I won't get into it, you do not want to know, but I have found a few foods that hurt less than others: white bagels (NOT whole wheat), yogurt, Oreos, dairy (though I'm iffy on cooked cheese), strawberries (which throws off my "very low fiber" hypothesis)... and McDonald's. In fact, a meal of McDonald's chicken nuggets, french fries, and chocolate shake w/whipped cream is the only substantial meal I have found so far that causes me zero digestive problems. Chicken breast cooked at home is still better than most things, but not as good as McDonald's. It sure makes me see all those "McDonald's is unhealthy and therefore EVIL" rants in a new light. 
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While I often worry that some of my online stuff might have some kind of negative impact on me if I become a published author, Laurell K. Hamilton just posted a picture of her ass on her Facebook page. It is not a separate, private page. This is the one she talks about writing and promotes her books on. 

Really I just had to say that. Because why should I suffer alone. Who posts a picture of their ass on the social media they use for work?! Unless they're an ass model or something. 

Just moved

Mar. 20th, 2014 04:20 pm
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So we just moved this weekend. It's a smaller apartment in the same complex, and since it's on the ground floor,  I'll be able to leave the apartment semi-regularly! It's also nicer in a lot of ways -- it looks onto greenery, trees, and a pond rather than onto a parking lot, which is a HUGE difference; it's got wood floors; the air conditioning actually fully works; there are granite countertops. Its being smaller is mainly an issue because we now only have one bathroom, but meh, it'll be fine.

I overextended myself a lot during moving because I felt so bad about just sitting on my butt, so my back has been really bad for a few days. And now we are surrounded by boxes and I want them unpacked but I know I shouldn't do anything, and it's very frustrating. Also my desktop isn't working -- I guess something got dislodged during the move. But I'm just glad the moving part is over.

On Zohydro

Mar. 13th, 2014 12:14 am
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Normally, people writing about things like opiate painkillers say to make a decision with your doctor and do your research and decide what's best and etc. I'm not going to do that. I'm going to say this:

Do not let your doctor prescribe you Zohydro. Don't take it. Period.

Zohydro is an opiate that was approved by the FDA against the recommendation of its own panel. It is far stronger than Percocet (which I also recommend against taking). It is so strong, merely two pills are enough to cause a deadly overdose in adults. Giving a drug this strong to people who are already miserable because of pain is extremely questionable solely because of the suicide risk. But the risk -- no, not risk. The near certainty of addiction makes it criminally irresponsible for any doctor to prescribe this thing.  

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